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Heru Technologies

Unprecedented Mathematics Formulas. Exclusive Solutions

Heru Technologies Cryptography

Exclusive solution, without hybridism, copyright and unpublished formulas. It is not based on keys with prime numbers or traditional cryptographic functions. It is the only cryptographer in the world that supports attacks by quantum machines. It went online for testing in 2014 for 3 months, with no record of security breaches, with access from 112 countries.

Heru Search Method

A performance greater than 0 (log n) of the Binary Searches Tree or B-tree. Faster, more precision and objectivity and the end of useless results in web searches. I manage to reduce the users' cognitive overload, because I perform a clean search with my method, and I still mitigate the Overheads of large data centers. A pity that I could not transmit faithfully on the videopitch above, but it was worth a lot. This paradigm break needs to be heard, investigated and proven with large masses of data.


Heru technologies applied to formula 1 and moto speed.

It is a powerful algorithm with the formulas adopted by Heru, where we extended Isaac Newton's Kinematics, handling variables and metric patterns that are unable to be changed with the usual concepts of Physics and Computational Mathematics.

Heru technologies and applications in biotechnology and biomedicine

Here is another promising applicability of the formulas handled by Heru. We are able to predict and control cell proliferations with extreme precision and speed. The big difference is the possibility of using / analyzing several agents or variables simultaneously.

Desired partnerships

The results achieved so far and the immeasurable possibilities of applicability, industrial and scientific innovations, make Heru Technologies a reality that deserves to be supported. The search is for companies that have advanced computer labs, preferably with expertise in global technology transfer and willing to work collaboratively with universities in the United Kingdom, Canada, Israel and Germany. We can analyze other world potentials, mainly France, China and the USA. The only requirement is the participation of a large Brazilian university.
If your company has initiatives in the aforementioned countries and infrastructure to support high-impact projects, make contact.

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