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What makes Heru Technologies different?


Heru Technologies is a registered trademark of revolutionary algorithms, started in 1996. It is a set of 16 mathematical formulas that expand all Sir Isaac Newton's kinematics and the scopes of geometric and artimetic progressions.


The scope of the formulas and the algorithms generated are impactful. We already have a powerful cryptographer, the only one in the world that is not based on traditional mathematical solutions and does not use public and private keys. That way, we have encryption that would withstand even a quantum computer strength test.


Another algorithm from Heru Technologies that has been drawing attention, including a finalist in the FALLING WALLS LAB BRAZIL - 2020, is called HERU SEACH METHOD. This algorithm is able to store and provide information more efficiently than proposals that use Binary search trees - (B-tree). We published the paradigm break (0 log (n), which is the complexity of the B-tree) in 2017. The paper was published in AJCM (American Journal of Computational Mathematics).


We also have an algorithm that controls autonomous vehicles with a totally innovative proposal. We are working on improving this solution and will soon be able to optimize on-board computers for Formula 1 cars, rallies and even race motorcycles. We have already published a paper with the initial results, which are highly promising.


Another very promising applicability is able to measure cell proliferation with a very high degree of precision. The potential of this algorithm in the demands of biotechnology is believed. This is another algorithm with published paper.

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